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Grow richer in more ways than one. Become a Guy Cohen Affiliate and open your doors to extra earnings!

Take this opportunity to unleash your sales potentials. Guy wants to share his profits with you so you can start earning your commissions now!

If you are an existing Flag-Trader or Illuminati-Trader you will already know just how powerful these applications are. The fact that you can see how much profit you are raking in each month already tells you this will be an easier sell than most other products.

If you haven't tried these products then find out more about Flag-Trader and Illuminati-Trader before diving in.

Excellent Customer Service and more...

We want to ensure you make money in an efficient manner so we have set things up to be as simple as possible. We have assembled a range of marketing tools for you to use that are all available within the Affiliate Resource Centre. So you can just cut and paste to get the job done. From simple one click banners to email teasers, we've covered them all. Take a look at some of the marketing tools on the Affiliate Toolkit page. (Note: these are examples only and do not include your affiliate link. You must sign up and visit the Affiliate Resource Centre to get your tools pre-coded with your affiliate link.

Something else you think would be useful? Let our Affiliate Manager know and we will see what we can do for you.

Are you a power seller? Want to do something different? Just contact the Affiliate Manager to discuss your requirements.

Don't want to do your own campaigns? Just want to cut and paste to get the job done? No problem, we have all the marketing materials all set and ready for you. From simple one click banners to email teasers, we've covered them all.

Just look at some of the benefits you get through
our affiliate system

  • 2-Tier Commissions

    We pay 30% per sale on our big ticket products. On a $1,997 product that is $599.10 each sale. It doesn't take many of those to add up. Additionally, you can earn a significant 5% second-tier commission every time an affiliate you refer to us makes a sale. Second-tier commissions earned when one of your customers recommends our products as an affiliate and makes a sale are truly the easiest and laziest way to make easy money.

  • Eye Catching Marketing Materials.

    Our banners and links make it easier and faster for you to earn more affiliate sales! We'll be adding more and testing response to the banners and text links, so check back for changes frequently!

  • Reliable Management Software.

    We use the proven, highly-reliable affiliate management software in 1ShoppingCart. This dedicated affiliate software ensures that all of your referrals are accurately counted and makes it a snap for you to keep track of your commissions!

  • Multi-Year Cookie For Return Visitors.

    When you refer a visitor to our websites, a cookie is stored on their computer that 1ShoppingCart tracks for 2.8 years. This means that even if they leave our websites and come back later to make a purchase, you'll still earn a commission several years later.

  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager.

    Our goal is to run an easy to use and highly profitable affiliate program for you. To do that, we have a dedicated affiliate manager whose sole purpose is to make you successful by getting you all the marketing materials and support you need. He does all the hard work so you don't have to! Your job is to ease your way to a big fat check at the end of each month!

  • Constant Stream of New Products.

    There's often going to be something new to sell, you'll be the first to know whenever a new product is just around the corner. Want to see the latest before everyone else? Our successful affiliates will be invited to take sneak peaks at our up and coming systems.

Our Products Sells themselves!

We have had so many customers coming back to us with positive feedbacks, we know our products are benefiting our customers. Just read the testimonials. Guy will only release a product when he has proven it to be profitable for himself first. His dedication to the constant updates and refinements to his techniques means our end users will always be the first to reap the benefits in Guy's products.

Our best affiliates will also be able to sample the pre-releases meaning you'll be able to experience our state of the art software before anyone else.

Here's what you should be selling right now.

Our Product Catalogue

The Flag-Trader Package

Flag-Trader Package

This package will teach our customers about profiting from flags and trends. Most importantly, how to trade them efficiently. The 8 training CD videos will guide them through from the basics right through to the Flag-Trader system.

The 12 months subscription to the Inner Circle resources means they'll be able to profit easily through the free access to the Flag TradeFinder software that finds the best flag chart patterns. The entire course is always available to them online and there are regular articles and videos to keep them constantly updated and motivated.

Constant technical support through telephone and email and the 30 day money back guarantee reduces the return rate. Fewer returns mean more commissions for you!

Here's a quick summary of what our customers will get.

  • All 8 Video Training CDs
  • Guy At Seminars: Profit from Trends and Flags DVD online
  • 12 months exclusive access to the Inner Circle online tools to help our customers trade in just minutes each day
  • Timely, regular alerts direct from Guy
  • Full-time telephone & email support
  • 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee

You can find out more about this product from here.

The Illuminati-Trader Package

Our other flagship product, which has proven to be a great seller is one you don't want to miss out on. As before, 30% commission on tier 1 means substantial pay checks for affiliates. You make the great sales while we make the great products!

Here's a summary of what the Illuminati-Trader package contains.

The Flag-Trader Package

Illuminati-Trader is for options traders who not only want an inside track but also to minimise their risks, a feature of all of Guy Cohen's teaching. Illuminati customers will be able to scan and analyze each trade in an easy and convenient manner using the online software. Below is a summary of what they will receive.

  • The 10 Video Training CDs package
  • 12 months exclusive access to the Inner Circle online tools to help our customers trade in just minutes each day. This will also include the Flag-Trader Lite.
  • Flag TradeFinder™ Lite Edition is also included fo Illuminati customers.
  • Timely, regular alerts direct from Guy
  • Full-time telephone & email support
  • 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee

You can find out more about this product from here.

Our Product Catalogue

Flag-Trader and Illuminati-Trader are just part of a growing catalogue of products from Guy Cohen. Once you're an affiliate with us, you'll be happy to know that our other products will help you to earn just as much. Our new products will keep those commissions coming in at regular intervals.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up right now and get to work with the banners and email campaigns to increase your monthly earnings!