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Guy Cohen

Market Will Continue To Be Choppy For a While

by Guy Cohen 20. February 2018 13:54
Choppy market conditions continue with the market making a decent retracement to the upside, but more uncertainty is more likely at this stage.  So that means don't take anything for granted!  Lots of stocks to go through, as much for educational purposes as for actual setup... [More]
Guy Cohen

Market Pulls Back But Still Very Much Open for Trading

by Guy Cohen 3. February 2018 15:40
You may recall that my outlook for 2018 is that it will be more volatile than 2017, and this past week we've seen an early example of the type of behaviour that I believe will be more common this year.  By this I mean sharper, more meaningful pullbacks.  This means we have to use... [More]
Guy Cohen

Easy Pickings In Just Minutes

by Guy Cohen 10. January 2018 15:47
This market continues to deliver stellar profits provided you don't impose your news-driven opinion on your trading! Every indicator has this market being bullish, so don't try to be too clever.  At some point it will change, but unless you get very unlucky it'll just be a matter of b... [More]
Guy Cohen

Earnings Around the Corner

by Guy Cohen 4. January 2018 09:24
Happy New Year!  2018 promises to be a year of large moves, though unlike 2017 where it was all one way traffic, I expect girations in both directions.  As ever though, I will only trade what I see. Right now that means a continued bias toward bullish setups, but it won't al... [More]
Guy Cohen

Trump's Tax Bill Passes To Fulfill Market Expectations

by Guy Cohen 20. December 2017 08:20
Trump's tax bill has been passed, which justifies the market's bull run.  Remember, for us all that matters is what the leveraged players are doing, and overwhelmingly we have seen that they have been bullish, as you'll see in today's OVI Market Review Video.  Also in today'... [More]