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The Many Benefits of becoming a member of the OVI Traders Club...

The Monthly Tutorial Session

Learn and interact with Guy on a monthly basis and get the latest from his analyses on the current market conditions. Improve your skills by seeing how Guy uses the various tools he has made available to let you trade through the different market conditions.  It's like learning to trade by sitting on his shoulders!

The OVI Charts

As a Member of the OVI Traders Club you have access to the revolutionary new indicator, the OVI!  This is an incredible privilege as it's now being watched by HEDGE FUNDS ... and it's now yours as part of your membership in this Exclusive Club. Remember, the OVI is our proprietary secret market indicator and is not available anywhere else!


While Guy focus mainly on the Secret Flag pattern, there are times where the markets look ripe for turning.  As an OVI Traders Club Member, you have access to the Reversal scanner ... Again, you cannot get this anywhere else!

Like anything in life, the best quality stocks will eventually rise.  As a member of my Exclusive club, you'll also be able to scan for The Finest companies in just a matter of seconds.

The OVI Sentiment Indicator

This is a long term market timing tool that gives a bird's eye view of the OVI for all S&P 500 stocks since 2004. Based on the traffic light's Green, Amber or Red scheme it will tell you whether the previous trading day has been bulllish, neutral or bearish respectively. In studies it has been shown that 70% of S&P 500 stocks perform better when traded in the same direction as the OVI Sentiment Indicator.

Use it as a timing tool to only enter new trades for individual stocks in accordance with the direction or use it to trade the S&P Index via instruments such as ETFs (for example the SPY), eMinis, big contracts, or others.

Regular Newsletter and Blog updates

Get the latest market updates and analyses from Guy Cohen! With Regular market trending analyses from the his OVI charts you can get to know why he trades certain stocks and understand his thought process behind these decisions.  Learn how Guy uses his collection of proprietary trading tools to help him trade under different market circumstances, ranging from trading bull and bear flags, reversal dojis to options trading with straddles and strangles!

and more...

There are a lot more you get with this site, these include special formulas like the PitBull trader and the quality stock Canslim filter. You will also get chapters of many of Guy's training packages as well as full access to his tutorial materials. If you want to be one of the first to try out any future tools Guy develops make sure you don't miss out by becoming a member of the OVI Traders Club.

Live OVI Traders Club Webinars

Take part in Guy Cohen's live tutorials where you get to take part in polls and ask questions as well as getting the latest market updates. Each one is recorded for you to revisit online at anytime.

OVI Traders Club OVI and Tools

Take advantage of the unique tools such as the OVI charts, the Abnormal Volume indicators as well as a collection of TradeFinders to help you trade through the different market conditions.

OVI Traders Club News and Blogs

Get regular market and website updates personally from Guy through this Blog and Newsletter. Stay up-to-date on the Market with personal attention from Guy Cohen.