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This is where you can get up to date with trading tutorials ranging from a basic trader's glossary to an options tutorial.  Guy will also post regular articles and videos about various trading subjects so you can be guided from a complete novice trader to a seasoned pro.  If there are any subjects you may like more information on or explained in more detail then please do not hesitate to contact our support desk at support.privatetradersclub.com.

Tutorial Index

Flag Tutorial

Start with the Introduction and work your way through to mastering all the basics you need for trading Flags.

This tutorial contains the following chapters:
  • Introduction to Flag-Trader
  • Flag Patterns
  • Trending Stocks
  • Finding Flags and Trending Stocks

Options Tutorial

Learn about trading options through the following courses:

  1. Introduction to Options
  2. Risk Profile Charts
  3. The Four Basic Option Risk Profiles
  4. The Valuation of Options
  5. In the Marketplace - Traded Options
  6. The Greeks - Part 1
  7. The Greeks - Part 2

Options Strategy Guides

Learn about the options trading strategies you will need for safe and successful trading.

This section will guide you through the following courses:

  1. The Straddle strategy guide
  2. The Strangle strategy guide
  3. The Long Call strategy guide
  4. The Long Put strategty guide


This glossary contains over 260 trading terminologies guiding you from AMEX to Zeta.