Guy Cohen

How to Play the OVI: McDonalds Day By Day

by Guy Cohen 23. June 2017 11:11

McDonalds ... If you like your Big Macs and Quarter Pounders with Cheese (I do but it's a once a year thing for me!) then you'll be delighted with how the stock has performed.  

But more importantly, it is one of the OVI stocks I look at on a daily basis, and throughout this year it has behaved like a dream, exactly how it should have done.  

In the video I run through MCD day-by-day since it formed its key resistance in December, and how the stock eventually broke out with a persistently positive OVI in February.  

And since that time it has continued to rise with barely a blip.  

Also, in today's video I'm showing you some more great features about our new Watch List ... and there is much more to follow very soon too ... keep alert for my emails! 


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