Guy Cohen

Uncertainty With Opportunity as Earnings Looms

by Guy Cohen 29. June 2017 11:13

Earnings is in three weeks' time and uncertainty is what I see.  The outcome of this uncertainty is likely to manifest in volatility and this is where you should focus your efforts for now.  

Of course there are some exceptions - there always are.  

But think of trading like black jack ...  

You increase your odds by counting the cards and understanding the correct strategies.  
That's like us using the OVI and my trading plan.  

In black jack when the cards are against you and the house looks strong, you reduce you bets. 
With trading, where we see uncertainty we do likewise.  

But there is one key difference ... 

With trading we have a few more choices.  And one of those choices is to understand and play the volatility, especially around earnings. 

A few stocks look interesting even at this early stage, so today I'll run through them in our OVI Market Review.  


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